Yet another hiatus

Hi readers (if I have any left),

I imagine many people were confused as to what I’m doing with this blog. I must say, I was too. Still am, to be honest.

I initially planned to shut down Itsagidlife and make a new website, and focus on more serious topics. This explains why my posts on here are all so sporadic. Some are way too serious, and some fit more with what I envisioned for itsagidlife: a blog that connects with people from all over the world, and celebrates the beauty and diversity in what I see around me. And also the whole “travel, food, fun, people, places, things” type blog that’s been really overdone. I do have a few surprises in store to change things up, but this will take time.

Time is a funny thing. When I have too much of it, I do nothing. When I don’t have enough I always have so much to do. I did a countdown to a post about The London Cheese Project on instagram – but never posted anything. This is probably why I’m losing followers at the moment (although that isn’t my main concern).

Anyway, i do hope to post more, get back into writing and focus on my newfound photography hobby. I current have a full-time job in London, one of the world’s greatest cities, but haven’t had the time to explore so I plan to do more of that. I also travel to Bath a lot for work, so you can expect to see relevant content soon. I have a lot of throwback posts to go through, and I’m planning to showcase different kinds of writing I’ve done in the past. I have some features and series’ planned, but I’d better not reveal anymore about that!

I do plan to address serious issues once in a while, but in such a way that it integrates more with other things I post. I’m still working on reorganising this site, but so far thank you all for your appreciation on Instagram. I haven’t written for ages so please bear with my long sentences! I hope to bring you all some better content soon. 🙂

Watch out for my London Cheese Project post which will be out today! (I hope) 😊

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